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Glass Water Pipes for Sale

Experience the smooth, mellow smoke of Frere Cheramie’s glass water pipes for sale. With a scientifically-derived design, each custom smoking pipe you see on our online catalog delivers a sensational experience. You’re sure to get the most out of every hit.

If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s the quality of the glassware we produce. All our products are made of 100% German-sourced glass and handmade by local specialists in Louisiana. Some of our water pipes contain borosilicate glass, which has very low coefficients of thermal expansion — meaning your new glassware will be able to withstand countless smoking sessions for longer use.

Moreover, some include a food-grade glycol freeze pipe, which decreases the harshness of the smoke. This science-driven smokability makes our custom glass pipes one of the best glassware for sale in the state.

Even though we’ve cracked the science of the design, we didn’t let aesthetics fall by the wayside. We’re proud of our French Louisiana heritage, so our specialists have ingeniously incorporated symbols of Cajun culture into our designs.

Frere Cheramie pipes are extremely user-friendly, perfect for both beginners and experienced smokers. Check out our online selection of scientific glass water pipes for sale:

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