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Glass Water Pipe Replacement Parts

Frere Cheramie creates one-of-a-kind glass water pipes, so the replacement parts you need should be one-of-a-kind, too. In case you want to replace certain parts of your glassware (or keep a spare around), explore Frere Cheramie’s glass water pipe replacement parts.

Our online selection is complete with replacement parts for our glass pipes. Just like our main line, our pipe parts are made of 100% German glass, so you can be sure they’ll last long and be able to withstand many smoking sessions.

Crafted by local specialists in Louisiana, these parts fit perfectly with your current glass pipes. No friction, no chafing, no grating. All pieces fall smoothly into place when you source your replacement from us.

The part designs also reflect our rich Cajun culture. Elements — from chu chut to bourré — are seamlessly incorporated ingeniously into each water pipe replacement part design.

Even if you replace certain parts of our glass pipes, the smoking experience remains smooth and sensational. Since they’re custom-made for Frere Cheramie pipes, they still cool down the smoke and reduce the harshness for a refreshing delivery.

Take a look at our glass water pipe parts.

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