Frere Cheramie: A Tradition of Business, Inventing, and Influence

Who are the Frere Cheramie Brothers?

In 1785, two Frere Cheramie (Brothers Cheramie) came to Louisiana to start a new life, settling in the southern parish (county) of Lafourche (la-foosh).

Unbeknownst to them, their lineage would leave their mark in Cajun Country, whether through rum running during the Prohibition or playing part in the Shrimp Wars.

The progeny of the Frere Cheramie would go on to become millionaires, crooks, and inventors.

Now, another descendant is using the Cheramie name to create prestige water and cooling pipes in the heart of South Louisiana. Using the finest pyrex glass available, Frere Cheramie provides high-quality pieces with unique coils, bowls, and shapes inspired by the equally unique Cajun culture of our home and designed with science in mind. Representative of our heritage and scientific glass-blowing, our pipes are the product of both passion and intent.

We ain’t couillon (crazy). We have never, and will never, use outsourced labor or Chinese-made glass.

Frere Cheramie Brothers | Grand Isle, Louisiana (date?) (story behind) (Source)


German Sourced | US Produced

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