Scientifically-designed Glass Water Pipes in Baton Rouge, LA

We Are Louisiana Proud!

Frere Cheramie has mastered the science of creating glass water pipes in Baton Rouge, LA. Our high-quality glass water pipes strike a balance between function and aesthetics: its scientifically-verified design ensures you get the most out of every hit while maintaining a sleek, chic look. Our designs are perfect for use alone, with friends, and even as part of your pipe collection.

Beyond functionality, our pipes have designs that reflect our rich Cajun culture. Frere Cheramie is steeped in French Louisiana history, and that tradition is manifested in the design of every pipe.

Experience the smooth smoking experience of scientifically derived design. Discover Frere Cheramie pipes today.

Each glass pipe is custom-made from German-sourced glass — we never use subpar glass materials from elsewhere. The pipes are then vetted and checked by highly experienced local specialists in Louisiana, so you’re sure they deliver a sensational smoking experience. The bubbling action is so smooth that no stale smoke is left in the pipe. Plus, the glassware is easy to handle, even for beginner smokers. Because it’s made of durable glass, your custom-made pipe can withstand some wear-and-tear.

Experts In the Craft

Our custom glass water pipes in Louisiana are made of 100% German glass, ensuring durability and performance. Some of our selections are made from borosilicate glass, which has very low coefficients of thermal expansion. The result? Tough glassware that holds up against countless smoking sessions. We also have pieces that have a food-grade glycol freeze pipe, which produces a refreshing smoke, sans the harshness. As the smoke rises, it’s diffused and becomes more mellow and pleasant.

The scallops and swirls aren’t there simply for aesthetics. Each element is purposefully added to improve the smoking experience. With a scientifically-derived design, our glassware will satisfy all smokers in Louisiana, from beginners to experienced connoisseurs — even those accustomed to tobacco water pipes.

On top of this, we were still able to incorporate Louisiana Cajun culture into our custom water pipes. Take a look at our selection, and you’ll spot Cajun references — from chu chut to bourré — ingeniously integrated by our local specialists.

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